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6 steps to handle waste management using POS System

6 steps to handle waste management using POS System

6 steps to handle waste management using POS System

Considering poverty as a major concern in today's world it is necessary to take steps to reduce food wastage. And moreover it is said that restaurant owner face some serious loss because of wastage of foods and poor waste management system. So we are here going to see few ways to reduce food wastage in restaurants

How to reduce food wastage in restaurant using 6 simple steps

  • Track and analyze the waste in a restaurant
  • Train employees to reduce wastage
  • Managing stock inventory
  • Preservation
  • Stock rotation
  • Pay attention to expiry date.

Track and analyze the waste in a restaurant

Restaurants face some significant loss in revenues because of improper food waste management system. It is mandatory for a business owner to take a keen look on how much the food is wasted. You should be able to track and analyse the waste produced in restaurant in order to reduce overall wastage

Train employees to reduce wastage

You will be able to reduce considerable amount of wastage just by providing training to your employees. They should well train on how to cook food correctly, store food correctly, keep the premises clean and avoid contamination of food.

Managing stock inventory

It is essential for employees to manage stock inventory properly. To prevent wastage, employees should know exactly how much food is in stock at any time. Having detailed list of stocks helps you take right decision of ordering raw materials and apparently helps to prevent food wastage.


Preserving food in a poor condition reduces shelf life which leads to wastage of foods, it is crucial to preserve food at all cost, maintain refrigerator to control temperature and individual tray to increase shelf life of food.

Stock rotation

Selling newer stock first leads to high wastage of food. Always showcase older stock first for customer to purchase. If customers have some leftovers in their plates, ask them if they want it to be packed for a take away or offer the food to nearby charities.

Pay attention to expiry dates

Make sure your employee use the product before the expiry date in order to prevent food wastage. Statistical data shows that 21% of restaurant food waste is mainly because of food spoilage.

You need smarter way to prevent food wastage. Gadgets and technologies help you to prevent food waste. Oversee POS software allows you to manage stock inventory, expiry date, manufacture date. It helps to track and analyse data to give you the overall information of food usage. Thus, giving you the chance to control over stocks and preventing food wastage.

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