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How CRM feature can shape a customer into marketer

How CRM feature can shape a customer into marketer

How CRM feature can shape a customer into marketer

60% - 70% of retail stores found closed within a year because of poor customer support and lower market reach. Unsurprisingly better customer service leads to better market reach, happy customers tend to invite more customers to the store.

Either way focusing on better customer service brings in many new customers to the stores. So how retailers can improve their service to retain existing customer?

One way to do it is by maintaining good customer relationship management.

Enhanced relation with customers

Retaining existing customer is more profitable than finding new one. Moreover as said before happy customer will bring in more new customer to the stores which is why keeping customer satisfied is a best marketing strategy.

To make them come again and again, it is crucial to improve customer service. Enhancing good relationship with customer is the better way to do it. Engage with your customers often; provide them with better quality product and service. Seek out their opinion/feedback and act accordingly. Reach out to them as soon as possible to make them feel valued.

Loyal customer

Loyal customers are the good marketers and great consumer. They feel valued when they are treated specially. To turn a onetime customer into regular loyal customer, all you have to do is announce special personalised offers exclusively for them; in this way they feel more valued and would feel happy to have business with you again and again.

You can also conduct loyalty program to specific person, group, locality or area. With a customised POS software with customer relationship management (CRM) features, now you can analyse customer’s preference and habits and can offer them exclusive gift specific individual or for groups.

You can also present them with small gift on their next purchase which is more cost effective and will appreciate them to shop in your store more often than ever.

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