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Reason Why POS Software is Must to Control Stock Inventory

Reason Why POS Software is Must to Control Stock Inventory

Reason Why POS Software is Must to Control Stock Inventory

Few best POS software features to make stocking inventory easier Keeping real time record of merchandise is must for any successful business.

Having too much of non-movable product cost you much money and having too little of fast moving profitable product breaks customer relationship.

In order to manage inventory control and to eliminate the risk of loss, implement fully fledged POS software now.

How it is helpful?

Software integration:

POS software integrates accounting software with inventory management system, which means feeding information of merchandise once is enough for both accounting and stocking process. POS software takes care of rest of the process to manage both accounting and inventory stocking process.

Efficient physical inventory

Oversee POS software integrates with hardware like bar code scanner to take inventory faster than ever before with just few employees. Deploy bar code reader and barcode label printer and assign barcode for every product to make stocking process easier.

Import and export

Import product details into third party application or within POS software from an existing list of items. This feature also allows you to transfer product from one outlet to another without taking much time.

Inquire products

Look up for product details using name, barcode, vendor, brand, or by category within a click, without even going to warehouse.

Print audit

Get printed reports or e-reports or text notification for each warehouse separately with optional copies for employees and vendors.

Real time notification

Receive real time notification about accounting and stocking reports. Analyse the report and take necessary steps and right decision to increase profitability at right time.

Quick data access

View every bit of data and reports anywhere at any time using internet enabled devices such as mobile, tablet or laptop.

Centralise Data

Cloud storage features allow you to centralise data in a single host server and helps you to back up information if lost by accident, mishap or by theft.

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