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How ePOS is different from Traditional POS System

How ePOS is different from Traditional POS System

How ePOS is different from Traditional POS System

Retail business industry started to use POS software almost everywhere, but still people lack knowledge about the difference between pos and epos. Before choosing traditional POS software one must know the features they might miss which are provided by modern epos software. If you are not sure about which pos software to choose then this post is for you.

To explain it in simple words, traditional pos software is mere register which used to maintain sales record of a shop. Whereas cloud based epos software serves more than just billing process. One can choose traditional pos software if they wish to carry on just the billing process, but those who need pos to do more than just the billing process like managing inventories, stock control, accounts management, feedback management; they must consider cloud based pos software and POS Machines  before choosing traditional pos software.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a feature which allows you to access your data anywhere from your highly secured account using internet, as the information and data are securely stored in a server which is hosted by cloud storage service provider, clients need not worry about losing their data by mistake. Clients can make changes online, give remote accessibility without even being there in person. Unfortunately retailers using traditional pos software won’t be able to enjoy this feature but they can upgrade/change their existing pos to oversee to get benefits of cloud pos software and much more features to increase sales.

Service and expense:

Cloud based epos software need less technical support as everything monitored remotely by hosting company and client themselves can customize their dashboard and solve minor issues. But it is not same in traditional pos software because any change in traditional pos system has to be changed manually by technical team only so client should seek help from service provider often which is again tedious, time consuming and expensive.
Inventory and stock management.

Traditional software acts as a cash register to perform billing process, printing receipts and invoice, but it can’t help retailers to manage their different outlets and in managing stock control. You need epos software to help you in managing stocks as it stores data of all your outlets in a single location, it provides the clear idea of how particular product is moving in your store. With these details you can order items accordingly to eliminate overstocking of less-profitable product. 
Overall, if you want best tool to cover all your business need, it is advisable to deploy cloud based pos software such as oversee pos software. If you need pos software just for billing process then go for traditional pos software.

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